Fix Up Your Malfunctioning Electrical Equipment

Fix Up Your Malfunctioning Electrical Equipment

Leave the electrical repairs to us in Huntersville, NC

If there's anything wrong with your electrical system, you can count on Charlotte Electrical Services to figure it out and put a stop to the problem. Our electrical repairs are comprehensive and effective. You can trust us to solve the problem and get your electrical system up and running efficiently.

Some services we take care of include:

  • Upgrading your circuits
  • Replacing and repairing light switches
  • Installing new electrical outlets
  • Mounting ceiling fans
In addition to the electrical repairs we do, we can also take care of electrical wiring for new construction buildings. We'll make sure your new home has all the wires where they need to be.

Call now to request electrical repairs in Huntersville, NC.

Take care of lighting repairs at your home

Are your lights acting up? You might need lighting repairs. We can inspect your lighting setup, identify the issue and fix it. We'll make sure your home is bright and well-lit again in no time. Our lighting repairs are great for indoor lighting and landscape lighting alike.

Contact us today to ask about the lighting repairs we do throughout Huntersville, NC.